NEWS FLASH: Green tea promoted in the ring!

Fighters: Does Matcha green tea work in the ring?

I just read via forums that it's being promoted as the drink to have for boxers. It's got antioxidants, burns calories, & blah, blah, blah.

But do you think it is any good?

As a tea merchant I should be jumping on the bandwagon and promoting my green tea like Matcha from Japan. I should be telling you why you must drink my stuff over all the rest.

It works for me because I am a traditional martial artist, and it's part of my way of life.

But what if you don't care for all that soft stuff and just love bashing in the ring, training at the gym and hanging out with the guys?

Have any boxers out there found Matcha green tea to work for them? For example: increasing metabolism, reducing tiredness and maintaining blood pressure?

Fighters, what has been your experiences in using green tea?

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