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Wabisabi drinks tea 侘寂喝茶

Wabisabi drinks tea 侘寂喝茶

☰ Tea Time equals Me Time. That we know. But what has the Japanese concept of wabisabi 侘寂 got to do with it?

☷ I love my business Teas.com.au and I love what I do in it. It is a great little livelihood that has a mission of spreading to ideas throughout the world. The first is: Tea Time equals Me time; And the second idea is: The loose leaf tea lifestyle.

☴ Both of these concepts makes sense to me and the people that interact with us like our customers. And most, in their own way have found their little slice of paradise through these concepts... Fitting really. Since a paradise originally meant a walled garden protected from the harsh environment beyond it.

☳ Wabisabi 侘寂 has been translated into the western world as something complex that non-Japanese find hard to grasp. Most of those translations come from Americans who find Japan like some alien place. But in fact, wabisabi 侘寂, is about finding the beauty in simple natural things. And about letting go of the superficiality of show-offy things. Finding beauty in plain things may seem boring to some people. But every now and then when invoke wabisabi 侘寂 in our actions.

☲ For example, when I was a young adult, Japan was all about bright lights, big city, girls, anime and living the souped up life... ...live fast, make fast money, die hard.

☵ Now, roughly twenty years later, when I got to Japan, it is about the quiet spaces, calming down and letting go of the mounting stress I feel living in a city like Sydney. I do love Sydney. And it isn't the city itself. It is the tiny subtle things and pile on top of each other.

☱ But running off to Bali or Japan is not always possible. So now at home, I put time aside each day to rest and recharge and use the concept of wabisabi to instil Tea Time equals Me Time just where and when I am.

☶ It is liberating. Without rejecting the outside world.

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