Master Chan drinks tea 陳師傅喝茶 –

Master Chan drinks tea 陳師傅喝茶

Master Chan drinks tea 陳師傅喝茶

☴ I once visited in Hong Kong 香港 a tea master named Master Chan 陳師傅.

☲ To learn the Way of Tea 道 from him was a very humbling experience. Lots of tea and lots knowledge from teacher to student.

☱ Amongst all the cups of tea, he told me a story of how from time to time, people from around Asia would come to him in search of the oldest and rarest of tea. To which he had great access to.

Now at that time I was not into Qigong 氣功. I had no working knowledge of it and was not interested to learn further. All I wanted to be was a bonafide martial artist who could win fights. Honestly, I was only listening to him because I had a business interest to listen.

☰ But I loved a good story. He told me that these people were not in search of rarities to savour but wanted to cheat the process of cultivating their chi . For it is believed among some that very old tea like Pu-erh 普洱 has as much chi 氣 as one would cultivate with a hundred years of Qigong 氣功.

☶ However, you can't cheat the process. Nor can you throw money at it. Puerh 普洱 can help with some conditions but there is more to it. Believe or don't believe. A Qigong master 氣功師傅 knows this to be true.

☵ So now through Baguazhang 八卦掌, I do Qigong 氣功. It was not the path I intended. But Master Chan 陳師傅 knew and was in his way guiding me in the direction I ultimately needed to go. It just took ten years to get here.

☳ Perhaps today when you are practicing Tea Time equals Me Time, his words may be worth pondering? The Way of tea 道 is more than Kungfucha 功夫... He told me at the end that his martial art was Chen style Tai Chi Quan 陳氏太極拳.

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