Loose Leaf Tea: The empty Japanese tea room

Drinking tea to some people is a lonely experience when our daily custom is to drink coffee in the cafe (coffeehouse) or alcohol in the pub (hotel/bar). And it is hard to image that tea time can equal me time.

The picture used is a photo I took on one of my most recent trips to Japan. And if I remember it is one of the tea rooms that can be found in the Imperial gardens in Kyoto. I love the image. It speaks of solitude and grace and stillness, that is sometimes lacking in our hectic lives.

And it is only a room. Nothing in it. Except for tatami mats. And me holding the camera. But you don't see me. The room is full of potential. Just by staring at the picture, I allow myself calmness and sanity to flow back into my life.

It is at this point I wish I could have been in a Chado session. In my mind's eye I can see it happening. In a weird sort of way, while I was alone, I did not feel alone. We are by our essence all connected to each other. We let go of the stresses we are under for that moment and embrace the emptiness...

[ Zen ]

...And maybe later, a cup of green tea to go with it in peace.

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