Loose leaf tea and hard times; Why we need chado and kungfu cha

Here at Teas.com.au we live to promote the positive aspects of drinking tea. Whether it be loose leaf tea or not.

However there comes a time in everybody's life when our situation is not positive. We stare at the abyss and wonder how are we going to survive our worst of times. Be it money or anything else.

And I know for most of us, the biggest overwhelming problem we face is usually around the money. We strive for the dream and the reality around us keeps knocking us back. We become tempted to cut corners and "go cheap". It is usually called cutting back, tightening our belts and austerity etc.

Using teabags filled with cheap rubbish tea, seems like the way to go. But it is? It's cheap and quick. But how far are we willing to compromise?

For us, loose leaf tea is a tiny luxury that I can still afford. While it seems dearer than tea bags, in the long run I get saving. Out of one table spoon of tea I can usually make about 4 mugs worth of good quality tea. Whereas 1 teabag only yields 1 mug worth.

Also brewing the loose leaf tea allows me some timeout where I recharge and think clearly about what comes next. I see it as a small mercy I give myself when nothing else will.

So take time out from your battles and enjoy a real cup of tea, made in a pot with loose leaf tea. Take care. I'm off to do what I preach and have a cuppa. 

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