Keanu Reeves drinks tea 太極俠喝茶 –

Keanu Reeves drinks tea 太極俠喝茶

Keanu Reeves drinks tea 太極俠喝茶

☰ Since I have started posting my experiences on Facebook again, I have been asked to share my thoughts on Tai Chi (Quan) 太極拳 because for some inexplicable reason I attract a lot of Tai Chi practitioners around me, even though my preferred style is Bagua Zhang 八卦掌.

☷ I know and realize that these two styles are brothers and sisters along the Tao of Martials Arts. The very act of doing these two styles at a given place and time is the realization of what some non-practitioners refer to as good Fengshui 風水.

☳ In 2013, Keanu Reeves directed the movie Man of Tai Chi 太極俠. It was his first directoral role. And in the movie he played the bad guy. Tiger Chen played the hero. But all I seem to remember is Keanu Reeves. And in my my mind he is Man of Tai Chi.

☴ I bring this up because while he is not known as a practicing martial artist (I could wrong), the higher consciousness around me keeps mentioning him as my Tea Time equals Me Time subject. Interesting choice.

☵ Perhaps I sense he may have crossed the threshold of cinematic kung-fu over to real kung-fu. These things are possible. The martial arts way is open to everybody.

☲ Or it could just be that I resonate with the image provided as I sip my tea in my tea cup. Perhaps all I have just written is a means upon which to ponder over something more mystical so that our minds and hearts can have the space to enjoy this brief moment in its beauty, before we get back into whatever we were doing before this rest stop or starting something new.

☶ The world can wait. All its problems are like sweeping the floor. If we don't sweep the floor now, it will still be there tomorrow. For now, let us take care of ourselves. Close our eyes and savour the tea's aroma as we inhale and exhale deeply.

☱ Man of Tai Chi 太極俠 is an action movie. And most people focus on that - it's what brings in the money, the medals, the praise and the honey. True Tai Chi practitioners focus on the letting go of these things so that we may have these things already because we already have them.

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