Jet Li drinks tea 李连杰喝茶

☴ Wushu 武術 champion and Taichi 太極拳 master Jet li 李连杰 drinks tea. So far this is the best image I could find of a man, I cinematically, greatly admire. It shows him in his prime, holding that calmly focused gaze that is admired by Chinese of their kung fu masters.

☲ As I drink my cup of tea, I salute him and some of his iconic movies. In particular these three: The One because he does Baguazhang 八卦掌 in it. Dannie the Dog because it still gives me bad vibes. And Hero, a Chinese Epic set during the Qin Dynasty. 

☱ For a lot of professionals living around me such as doctors, lawyers and accountants et cetera, their lives are a mix of the three movies. While they may or may not be martial artists, I have borne witness to how much they are affected by their surroundings. Seemingly at the top of their game and yet living under constant chronic pressure.

☷ While I want to say, guys, chill out. Practice Tea Time equals Me Time like me everyday. It will help. Breathing space and so on... Blah, blah, blah. It is only until they are ready, that those of us who support them can quietly be there for them.

☰ If there are any professionals reading this article, a simple yet effective way to truly get into the flow before doing Tai Chi Quan for example is to take time out and enjoy a bit of Tea Time equals Me Time. Allow the art of enjoying tea to support your state of mind before beginning. Some of you know what I am talking about.

☶ Allow the mind to settle down, so the heart can calm down. And the body can do its thing. If the moves are difficult it is because within us there is resistance. And why?

☵ Why indeed, keep fighting the war within our minds and hearts until it manifests into a cancer the body must battle within itself? It's not even sparring on the mat.

☳ The answer for the individual may not be answered here, but Tea Time equals Me Time is a start on the path of self-healing, love and peace. You don't have to love others but be good to yourselves and at least love yourselves within. And your chi 氣 will flow all by itself.



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