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Jackie Chan drinks tea 陳港生喝茶

Jackie Chan drinks tea 陳港生喝茶

☵ Recently I got accused by a martial artist, whose name I won't mention, for being a sham. And that Tea Time equals Me Time is just hocus-pocus used to peddle my pseudo-martial arts. He also made it very clear that tea has no place in the fighting arts, whether it be to help people relax or improve their skills.

☳ I pondered on that and the next accusation that Tea Time equals Me Time is only great going when life is good. All good points. Challenge accepted. Which, to my surprise, turned out to not being as easy as it seems... Until today.

☴ Honestly, today was a shit day. The sky was glum and grey with heavy drizzle for most of it. Business was down and frankly I could have spent it in bed. Be truant on life. While that is not the way I operate, a part of me wishes that it had.

☰ To answer the first criticism, it is on our worst of days that we truly discover what we are made of. This is not a martial arts thing but a universal truth. We progress and advance most when we don't want to.

☷ To answer the second criticism, I used Tea Time equals Me Time today to pick myself up off the floor and keep going when today's shitty weather threatened to do me in. Something in attitude Jackie Chan would be proud of. 

☱ So I decide enough is enough and make myself Hong Kong Lai Cha: Strong black tea with one-sixth evaporated milk. But not just any black tea. It's typically a mix of five black tea combined with each tea chosen to achieve a particular effect on the senses. 

☶ Then I found a picture of Jackie Chan doing the tea thing and saluted the man who has to pay out-of-pocket all his stunt men because insurance companies won't insure him. That in my book is totally cool.

☲ Jackie Chan drinks tea 陳港生喝茶. Jackie Chan is a martial artist. Jackie Chan knows how to get out of crazy situations. Does he have bad days? Sure he does. But he just keeps on smiling. And proving all of us critics wrong one crazy stunt at a time. 

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