In the 2006 movie Fearless (霍元甲), yin and yang are brought together as Jet Li in white and Nakamura Shido II in black. It is their final peaceful scene together before they must fight each other for their respective countries.

Politics and all that other earthly stuff aside, the scene of tea being served and drunk together, highlights the nobler heavenly side of martial arts as expressed through tea.

As martial artists, tea allows us the space to be brothers-in-arms, even if we know that the person sitting opposite us is our enemy. We look for the reflection of ourselves in a tiny cup. Sometimes finding meaning before death deals its hand.

They do not mention what three tea are being served, but my best guess is that it is an oolong: Strong and earthy like a Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong, which we occasionally stock, when the season is good. It could also be a green tea.

Back to the movie Fearless tea is a metaphor and so much more. There is more to martial arts then just training at the gym or dojo.

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