Harley Quinn drinks tea. Life is Grand! 3

It's tea time boys and girls. Harley Quinn takes the tea and drinks it.

I'm sure there are lots of teenage boys and older teenage boys who enjoy a bit sophistication dressed up in orange... What is the meaning of life when the tea cup is empty?

Captain's Breakfast is the answer! Try it.

But seriously. Back to the focus of this blog. Tea. Could you imagine her with Mister J at a British Gentleman's afternoon tea? And not smash the fine china? Then again, Harley Quinn drinking tea is a better poster image than the typical granny and her old English tea shop from the quaint Victorian era. We need more of her to bring back the man in tea: The guy down the road who likes his English Breakfast with a bit of afternoon "Pow!"... A real Prince Albert amongst the daisies.

Take care and let the mayhem roll!

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