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Harley Quinn drinks tea. Life is Grand! 2

Harley Quinn drinks tea. Life is Grand! 2

Firstly, Happy Easter to all and everyone.

Secondly, the timing of this post couldn't be sweeter. Harley Quinn drinks tea in a prison cell. Tea has sometimes such huge symbolic significance that it sometimes aligns itself with the seasons. In this case it is Easter. Putting the Christian and Pagan meanings aside, Harley Quinn can be taken out of context from the movie Suicide Squad and be redefined as meaning:

"What to do when you find yourself in Limbo." That stuck place in between Heaven and Hell that is not the earthly. 

This is the time of transition from villain to pseudo-hero... And we have tea to thank for that! And if she is your nutcase role model like her boyfriend The Joker, then I would say you are in good hands.

So let us all enjoy more tea in our lives. Chill out when all seems lost and what for the time when we can again go nuts and do like Harley Quinn! Put that cup to your mouth and sip the tea love!

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