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Get to Know What You are Drinking

Get to Know What You are Drinking

Finding great tea is like treasure hunt.

To find that elusive liquid golden goodness, one needs to be brave to try any tea (how about tea grown in bat’s cave as Liu An in China), curious (how would tea tastes mixing with butter, as in Suutei tsai from Mongolia), and critical but perhaps not rigid (jasmine green tea naturally scented with layering flowers are far better than jasmine flavour sprayed on).

The mission of finding great teas is both exciting and exhausting, as a tea could taste divine one year, and totally mediocre the next, due to seasonal and weather conditions.

To make the mission to find more fun, let us introduce you to 10 most popular tea. Getting to know what you are drinking, so your tea journey can be more enjoyable.

10 most popular tea

We have been drinking so much tea from all over the world for the past 10 years, we are proud to say we know the tea we sell you, and know what tea consistently tastes good.

While these are certainly not the very exotic and rare tea, you can rely on this list year after year as the “constant winners”.

First let us recap what are common:

  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Green tea of some sort

Here are the 10 winners – popular tea:

  1. Chai Masala / Spicy Chai (Black) – popular Indian drink – great hot or cold. Traditionally, Chai is made super strong before adding milk and honey/sweetener. Our Chai is good with milk and Spicy Chai is more suited to customers prefers drinking chai without milk.
  2. Green Tea with Jasmine (Green) – the kind of tea a Yum Cha restaurant typically serves – but we offer a much better grade. Many love it after meal for digestion.
  3. Hibiscus (Herbal) – Tartish taste (like Ribena without sugar) and stunning ruby colour infusion. Known to help reduce blood pressure. Great hot or iced.
  4. Rooibos (Herbal, but kind of taste like black) – becoming popular as a caffeine free herbal drink. taste resembles black tea. Very drinkable – hot or cold. South African feed this to babies instead of milk! Goes well with honey, mint or milk.
  5. Assam (Black) – good black tea with milk has got a new name! Forget such and such breakfast tea, go Assam! Good strength, nice malty flavour. Must try for any milk tea drinker.
  6. Ginger Kiss (Herbal) – Ginger tea gets the tick from many people from different cultural background and age group. It is great for digestion with a mellow citrusy zing.
  7. Red Rose Buds (Herbal) – mellow rose infusion that relaxes the mind while toning the skin. Many Asian ladies swear by it to keep their skin beautiful!
  8. Luvberries (Fruit) – a great tasting fruit infusion without the usual added flavour. Tastes great as is or you can turn it into a base for desserts, such as icecream, granita, syrup for pancake.
  9. White Dragon (Oolong) – oolong is known for its weight control property. this one is very nice to drink with sort of a sweet milk fragrance. Addictive stuff. If a tea shop doesn’t have an oolong, I would double-think whether they know their tea.
  10. Jasmine Dragon Pearls (White) – packed with antioxidants, these delicate handmade white tea pears have a similar taste to Jasmine green tea (but much lighter). Easy to carry to work. White tea is expensive, but has a fairly devoted following.


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