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A friend of mine named John, recently made this comment about my Tea Time equals Me Time blog posts, "Mate, you're always going on about Tea Time equals Me Time. I don't have time to practice the art of tea. When are you gonna stop fluffing around and get a real job?"

He is a good friend, so his comment stung.

I admit that to most guys I am lucky to live the life I live. It does seem better than most peoples on paper. But only on paper.

In reality, my life, my family, my business has its ups and downs.

In the fourteen years I have been selling tea, I have seen a lot of downs. Far too many downs.

It totally sucks.

But, hey, I made the choice I made. I am lying in my own bed. And as best I can, I live the life I want to live without blaming others for my failures.

It is one cup of tea at a time.

Hence, I drink loose leaf tea everyday.

One mug of tea for breakfast and another cup of tea for morning tea.

This is my daily gift to myself. Although sometimes it is my wife's gift to me; her way in supporting me through our trials and tribulations...

The whole ritual of making loose leaf tea and drinking it is calming like being at a Zen garden in spirit.

This here along with doing Baguazhang every day is my job. I work five days a week in the tea business, and seven days a week in some capacity on the business, while making time for my wife and kids (in deeds not words).

Every morning. Loose leaf tea. Baguazhang and in the business of tea. And maybe, if I am good to myself a game of Go (Weiqi/Baduk).

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