Genmai pours the tea - How Genmaicha came to be

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Japan during the days of the Samurai, there lived a servant named Genmai.

In those days, Japan was divided up into feudal estates ruled by powerful lords called Diamyo. These Daimyo lived by the sword because in those days it was a very violent country, always at war.

And Genmai was a lowly servant to one of these Daimyo.

Now it happened one day that his lord was having a meeting with his samurai to discuss war tactics and strategy. And it was Genmai's job to pour the tea and keep their cups filled.

However, Genmai couldn't handle the long periods in between tea pours without snacking on rice crackers that he kept hidden up his sleeve. Rice crackers can be a bit crumbly and as luck would have it, some of the rice pieces crumbled into his sleeve as he ate.

So when it came to pouring the tea again, some of the rice pieces fell into one of the samurai's tea cup. Suspecting that poor Genmai might be an assassin, the samurai pulled out his sword and cut off Genmai's head as other samurai moved to protect their Daimyo.

Upon checking the tea, it was discovered that the crumbs in it were only toasted rice pieces and not poison. Realising that Genmai was not an assassin but had made a foolish error in his ways, the Daimyo decided to name the tasty tea in honour of his servant: Genmaicha.

And so Genmai transcended up to Heaven as a successful tea spirit, while we below are ever grateful for his mistake: Genmaicha

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