Cosplay drinks Tea コスプレ喝茶 –

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Cosplay drinks Tea コスプレ喝茶

Cosplay drinks Tea コスプレ喝茶

☴ Welcome to the recently held Sydney Japanese Matsuri Festival 祭り at Darling Harbour. A beautiful day of all things Japanese including cosplay コスプレ and tea 茶.

☲ My family and I got to try several grades of matcha 抹茶 at different stalls. And I have to say, that once a person goes ceremonial grade, it is very hard to drink the lower generic commercial grades on offer to the public.

☱ Most of the matcha 抹茶 on offer, were served as Ready-to-drinks in beautiful packaging like the cosplay kids running around the field looking cosplay-ish.

☷ It was a great family day out and I even got my own tarted up cosplay girl to pose with me for a photo. I had no idea what character she's trying to be, but I do remember the black crescent moon pendant that she wore. Perhaps somebody out there can enlighten me?

☰ What I found most confusing for me, was when I met this boy running around in a Jedi costume with a homemade wooden Katana. He seemed nice and I wanted to ask him questions on his outfit, like if he made it himself, et cetera.

☶ However, while he was fumbling with his wooden sword, all I could say was "May the Force be with you".

☵ To which he replied "It's not the Force. It's called Kai power!" And then he stormed off. So there I was, a bit humbled in that Star Wars has changed much since I last watched one of the episodes.

☳ And feeling a bit weird because standing right there in front of him was the closest thing at that moment he would come to regarding this Kai power: A real Qigong 主 master/practitioner. Which does make me wonder, how many masters I have met in real life and I never realized it due to my own ego and shadow?

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