Bryan Adams drinks tea 喝茶 while we discuss his "Summer of '69" (1984) –

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Bryan Adams drinks tea 喝茶

Bryan Adams drinks tea 喝茶

☰ Who remembers Bryan Adam's song "Summer of '69" from 1984?

☳ Remember it now and savour that cup tea . It's all good!

☵ Those who can, will remember the words. Some say it was about the music. Others say it was about the sex. For me it was about a bunch of friends getting together and starting a band. And then disbanding for reasons outside of their control even though they promised they would stick together.

☶ The song had all the hallmarks of yinyang . It's supposed to be a happy remembrance song - yang . But then those memories are also sad - yin .

☷ So what's this got to do with tea 茶 and martial arts?

☴ For the tea part, Bryan Adams drinks tea 茶. And the martial arts part? I have met lots of martial artists who have given it up for work, business and/or family. They have made sacrifices by doing the right thing according to their peers et cetera, without realising that it is possible to have both.

☲ Even after injury, where training may be a bit of an issue, being a martial artist is still possible. If you feel you are stuck in this false paradigm, reach out to the higher level masters around you that have mastered or are mastering the inner game. Their very example is proof that what I say is true and tangibly real!

☱ Tea Time equals Me Time, that we know: I keep talking about it. But did you know that tea can actually help a person to reach a higher understanding on these matters?... I kid you not, it is a real problem in martial arts culture that I believe we can all do something about. Change is here and we are at the forefront of that martial arts change. Tea Time equals Me Time.

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