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Xuan Wu drinks tea 玄武喝茶

Xuan Wu drinks tea 玄武喝茶

☳ Has this ever happened to you?
(I am sure some of the highly stressed players out there can relate.)

☵ I wake up. The phone rings. I pick it up and answer. It turns out to be the credit card company (one of many such calls): Late. Overdue. Way overdue. Christmas without sales spells sleepless nights for business owners, bosses and executives.

☶ I have a chat with them about what's going to happen next and things are all sweet again. It's the nature we are all in... The Game of Business continues.

☰ I forget to have breakfast and don't even realise it. I start looking at bills, bank statements, auto-debits and what comes next. The mind starts to wander... Breakfast is getting cold.

☷ Go on social media because it is the modern newspaper. While browsing, start thinking about bills again. Ignore the spouse. Only one question comes up: What's to be done? I can't run away - That fantasy is not an option.

☱ I'm off my game. In chaos and the spouse notices. I mean, how could they not? I have been either ignoring her or away with the fairies again. And these fairies are turning into a forest of inner demons.

☲ And then: BOOM! She hands me an extra large mug of tea 茶. She's a good samurai wife 奥方様. She looks at me and says: Tea Time equals Me Time - Stop swinging your sword around Xuan Wu 玄武 and drink your tea 茶, eat your breakfast. Three feet, Baby, three feet!

☲ What the hell does 'three feet' mean? Three feet means three feet from gold. It comes from a story I read in 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. I put the sword away. Sit down at the breakfast and drink my mug of tea. The three feet codeword is my reminder to myself, that when things get hard in business (including my baguazhang 八卦掌 et cetera), I am close to achieving a desired goal.

☴ I stop fighting ghosts and allow my chi 氣 to flow through, around and of me. There really are no demons. It is just me in the moment meditating beside The Spirit Gate 靈門 up somewhere high, inhaling, exhaling, the cool fresh air. And all I was meant to do was face the gate and walk through it; allowing myself to receive the solutions needed. My muscles relax and I am able to do my baguazhang forms 八卦掌形 again with grace and ease.

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