Being one with the spirit of tea 茶靈合一 –

Being one with the spirit of tea 茶靈合一

Being one with the spirit of tea 茶靈合一

☳/ In a world filled with illusions and virtual reality, the art of making and drinking tea is for tea drinkers real. They use real utensils, water and tea. And it is done in real space and time. There are no what-ifs or maybes. 

☵/☲ In the practice of Chanoyu 茶の湯, this realness is brought forth as the practitioner seeks to add the secret ingredient of spirit or soul into what they do.

☶/☱ In Kungfucha 功夫茶 it is the same thing. Even if it does not on the surface seem like the same thing because the actions are different... Different cultures express the same thing in different ways.

☷/☷ For non-tea drinkers, this pursuit of the tea spirit 茶靈 does not appear obvious. In fact, on one level there really is nothing there. Hence what they see is the slow boredom that resides deep inside of them as they try to grasp something intangible.

☰/☰ I could use a hundred and one religious or faith-based examples, but that would turn this into a sermon. And that is NOT what this is about. So perhaps a martial arts analogy would be better...

☱/☶ When I first became a part of the martial arts world I was like most people: Watch the movies, read the books, dabble in different styles and idolise the great masters from afar. Then one day I dived full in and devoted myself to a way of life that lead me to here.

☲/☵ This way of life through Baguazhang 八卦掌 has its ups and downs. Fluctuating at times between monk and hero. Warrior and scholar.  But mostly in need of a rest, now and then from that thing we call the human existence.

☴/☳ That is why doing Tea Time equals Me Time can be so helpful in our daily life. The spirit of tea 茶靈 is open to all like a twenty-four hour teahouse. Reject it and the traveler may have to sleep on the street. Accept it and that same traveler might find themselves with noble company enjoying Yumcha 飲茶.

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