Bagua Mountain drinks tea 八卦山喝茶

☴ (魂) Reaching the top of the Bagua Mountain 八卦山 is the anti-climax of a long drawn out process in which our soul takes over the captaincy of our martial arts path 武術道. This has nothing to do with the style being practiced or a person's beliefs. In other words, the pilot has switched off the autopilot and is flying the plane again.  

☲ (靈) I am aware that there will always be people who just don't "get it" and will do whatever they can to attack, complain, argue and generally try to debunk what they see as "charlatan magic".

☱ (道) But three times I rejected the Tao 道 as laid out through Baguazhang 八卦掌 (I am not a Taoist, nor a Buddhist) until I asked the question: If the pilot's seat is empty, then who is flying the plane?

☷ (彖) For the vast majority of martial artists, none of this matters. Most are just trying to figure out how to move up from economy to business class. So what is said here is the difference between the soldier and the general 將 of the army. So I'll put it another way...

☰ (無) I once watched an anime アニメ where a samurai from ancient Japan got transported into the present era, and when he found his lord's castle, he was stunned to discover it empty.

☶ (禪) When Zen 禪 is a cup of tea 茶, it is just a cup of tea 茶. A trophy is essentially just a cup as well. Does the liquid in the cup give it meaning? 

☵ (帝) On the field of battle 戰場 we want to be number one against all contenders. To prove our worth and be counted as a leader of the pack. Or do some just find meaning when they are going against something? I guess it is easier for some to fight for the pilot's seat rather than actually sitting in it and pilot the plane.

☳ (龍) Ultimately, the tao 道 of the Dragon is to find one's emptiness and be okay with it. An empty teacup, an empty space without confinement. That is why the Dragon in the I-Ching 易經 rises up into the sky. While level six mentions regret, at level seven the "Dragon walks their true path".

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