Bagua master drinks tea 八卦主喝茶 –

Bagua master drinks tea 八卦主喝茶

Bagua master drinks tea 八卦主喝茶

☰ Somebody once asked me if there could be more to taking time out from work, family and other stuff to practice Tea Time equals Me Time?

☴ Sometimes I wish there could be more to it. But the truth is always simple. How much bling does a person need in their life to feel congruent?

☶ Strangely it is not about drinking tons and tons of tea. Nor is it about being a tea master: If you were to ask me the finer points on tea, I would fail the test.

☷ In fact, with tea I am getting to the place where I am continually at with my baguazhang 八卦掌: The more I learn, the less I know. And the less I know, the freer I am.


In both fields of endeavour there are esteemed masters that know more than me. Compared to them, I am like a baby trying to walk, that sometimes needs a tea and a nap, more than the people I post these out to.

☱ Perhaps it would be easier for the highly stressed to see Tea Time equals Me Time as their chance to step off their playing field to reassess their goals: Their real goals. The ones that got lost in the chaos of the previous year(s).

☵ That's what I sometimes use it for. Tea has an amazing way of changing one's perspective on things. Even when I get a little stuck in my martial art, I use tea to help me reconnect with my flow.

☲ In my experience as somebody who grew up in a traditional coffee drinking family, I never experienced this with coffee. In fact, the more dependant one got on coffee, the harder the coffee became - The drink of politics and work!

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