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Aang drinks tea 安昂喝茶

Aang drinks tea 安昂喝茶

☳ I seriously need a cup of tea 茶. Any type of tea 茶: Green tea 綠茶, black tea 紅茶, oolong 烏龍茶 or pu-erh 普洱茶. I think it is time for my own bit of Tea Time equals Me Time.

☵ I have just come back from yet another regular session of Baguazhang 八卦掌 and I discovered a note on my desk which basically reads that I have been living in a glass tower: A show-pony going nowhere.

☶ I have been doing Baguazhang for as long as there has been Avatar Aang 降卋神通 and The Last Airbender show. The series was what got me into it. I really loved the accurately animated martial moves of Baguazhang 八卦掌, Tai Chi 太極拳, Northern Shaolin 北少林拳, Hung Gar 洪家拳 and Southern Praying Mantis 螳螂拳.

☰ Back then, I thought, if I stick it out and do as much as they do in the Chinese wushu schools I also would be able to do amazing feats. That did not come to pass. Instead I became a qigong master 氣功主.

☷ Did I manifest my own version of Avatar Aang becoming an energy bender at the end of the his ultimate journey?

☱ And if I did, am I now manifesting the next stage along the journey?

☲ These are big questions that will in time get answered, like why do I keep switching between simplified, traditional and rectified Chinese characters?

☴ Perhaps I enjoy spinning in circles. I used to do that a lot in primary school before I even knew there was a martial art called Baguazhang 八卦掌. It always made me be free like floating on air... Silly isn't it. But that is the first experience I can share about Baguazhang 八卦掌 and quantum physics. In very basic terms: The centre of time is the same point as our centre of space. What happened in our past is only a reflection of what will happen in the future at equal distances. Actually its the other way round -  Our perception of it is back-to-front. Ponder on that. You will now need that cup tea. Because I bet that as soon as you have read this paragraph, your mind will start racing to connect the dots for you.

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