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People can be funny sometimes. People say they don't like to be judged but as the data grows in real time on the internet, it is getting easier and easier to put people in a box and label them. And this is all possible by their actions.

I am a person (for real) so I am in a box, labeled, just like the next person. My label says: Loose leaf tea drinker engaged in the business of tea and blah, blah, blah...

I am honest enough to admit that when I am blogging or talking to my customers, at some level I am doing business.

So what does this have to do with the image chosen: A field in Japan growing tea. Neatly trimmed. And looking very still and quiet.


As part of being a tea merchant, I like to visit tea plantations around the world and see what is happening in those places. Get ideas. Be a part of the natural roots of where tea comes from. Intermingle with the farmers, manufacturers, sellers and buyers.

It usually does not look like the romantic pictures when have grown used to in tea guides and books. Those images are for "the tourists". Most of the time, there is nobody around on the fields except for the farmer (& family?) showing me around.

When I first experienced this 'realness' I was a little disappointed that it didn't match the images in tea books. But now I see it as a blessing. Up on the farms, I get a chance to let go and relax without doing anything. The quietness is liberating. Inner peace reigns and I am finally free to ponder on the business of tea from a higher plane of existence that is not possible while I am in it.

The most successful of my customers and suppliers all display this desire for time out on the business adventurism.

If it had been just about making the money, there would be no loose leaf tea lifestyle. It would just be a hard grind until something breaks. Instead, I choose to play a bigger game. And in turn, get rewarded the bigger prize. Which in turn allows me to share my love for tea with the people I associate with. Thereby encouraging them by my actions to also enjoy and love the loose leaf tea lifestyle.

If this resonates in any way with you, please leave your comments in the comment box. Thank you.

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