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A pot of shared martial tea

A pot of shared martial tea

☳ Recently during a shared pot of tea and casual Tea Time equals Me Time, I got asked on how somebody would know that martial arts has become their life; And not just a weekly hobby at their local martial arts club?

☵ Without thinking I said, "You'd be wanting to fight everybody. Prove you know your shit and can swing it with the best of them. The smart ones will keep it in the ring, mat or pit. And possibly make a few quid on the side. The not-so-smart ones will go around like angry dogs barking and biting at everything that has wronged them."

☶ My friend sipped his cup of tea. Closed his eyes and sighed deeply. "That's not what I meant." He said. "The urge to fight is strong. I get that. But what happens beyond that?"

☰ "Well, we think about it all the time. Not always about actually fighting but how it affects our lives." I answered. "And how we affect it. Like right now: As we sit here drinking our tea, enjoying the weather and discussing martial arts. In this moment we are doing martial arts but in a different form."

☷ "So are you telling me that a guy in the park doing Qigong or sitting there doing mediation is also doing martial arts?"

☱ "How do you know they are not at war - internally or externally?" I asked. "Do one's opponent's always have to use fists to be counted as worthy? In this world, where under most laws we are NOT allowed to actually fight except under certain conditions - most weapons are intangible."

☲ "How so?" He asked me while pouring me another cup of tea. As he did, a car blasting out loud music, thundered past. It made him look up and cause him to slightly spill a bit of tea on the table beside my cup. And then just as quickly the car was gone and I told my embarrassed friend to not worry about the spilled tea.

☴ "In this modern world of chronic rushing around, losing focus is a far more potent weapon against an opponent that can lead to stress and then onward to more serious illness." I said. "That is why you are at my place sharing a bit of Tea Time equals Me Time to help regain that focus."

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