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Tea ice cubes / Sundance Iced Tea

What to do with bland tasting iced tea? Well, try making the brew stronger and pour some of the brew into your ice cube trays. This way when you are serving iced tea, you are serving it without diluting it with extra water from the ice cubes.


Sundance Slushy Iced Tea

  1. Make ice cubes out of brewed Sundance Black Tea.
  2. When the ice cubes are almost done, put them in a blender and whiz until slushy and pour into a tall glass.
  3. Decorate with a couple pieces of canned peach.


Iced Tea

  1. For a great glass of iced tea, the trick is to make the tea double strength – your taste buds have to work extra hard to taste when you have something cold.
  2.  Pour the double strength tea into a glass half full of ice. Stir and serve.


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