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Bell TeapotMaking tea is a subjective art – whether you like your tea strong or with milk is entirely up to your taste buds!

However, here are some guidelines to get the most out of the tea leaves, flowers and fruit:



  • Use roughly a teaspoonful of dried tea per cup.
  • The finer the leaf, the cooler the water should the tea be brewed with.
  • For herbal/fruit infusions and black tea we suggest the use of “jumpy / rolling” boiling water to bring out their flavours.
  • Green and light oolong tea requires water that is not as hot.
  • White tea can be made with even slightly cooler water.
  • Warming cups (pour some hot water into the cups and disgard the water) before use will keep the tea warm longer.
  • Brewing time depends on your liking – the more broken the leaf, the shorter it needs to be brewed, eg black tea about 2-3 minutes, white tea aboout 5 minutes.


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