Special Tea to make Iced Tea

Q: I am not a fan of hot tea, but I really enjoy iced tea. Could you please recommend some teas which are specially good for making iced tea? Do you have any teas that are specially blended for iced tea? Thanks.

A: Thank you for your email. Essentially any tea can be made into an iced tea. It is a matter of personal preference to you like iced. We wrote a newsletter article a little while back about making iced tea, which may be of interest to you:

Generally speaking, most people prefer fruitier tea for iced tea, so Berry Fairy, Amore, Luv'berries are pretty nice choices.

Black tea – Summer Love, Citrus Amber; green tea – Aussie Green, Jasmine Green tea are some other choices.

If you are more keen of the kind of “southern US” kind of iced tea, then any plain black tea can do the trick, but I would recommend Ceylon Classic OP for its clarity and aroma, or lower tannin Chinese blacks such as Keemun and Lychee Red black tea.

Hope there is some “food” for thought there for you ?


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