Digestive tea varieties (01/07)

I see a lot of nodding heads when I say “I over-ate this xmas, again.”. Regardless of how hard we try, most of us have to admit we ate more than we should at this time of year. And you may have heard or seen shows such as Oprah and 60 minutes talking about Wu-Long being the most favourite drink for the trimmed bod!

In fact, Wu-long is one of the many tea that we carry helps digestion, and there are many other tea and herbal infusions:

Imperial Oolong

Imperial Oolong

Wu-Long (Oolong) – this tea category has been known for its great digestive power, skin toning, weight management and soothing allergic skin. Oolong comes from typically China and Taiwan. The Taiwanese oolong, such as Rose Oolong and Formosa Green Jade are quite “soft” in their floral taste. Chinese ones, however, varies a bit more, from the traditional Tie Kuan Yin with dark brown beady leaves with very strong, musculine nutty taste, to the newer versions like our Tie Kuan Yin Light, which carries a softer flavour. Oolong is fantastic pairing with meaty dishes, such as BBQ.

Green Tea – before many of our customers discover oolong tea, they often drink green tea for digestion. Bear in mind that both green tea and oolong comes from the same tea tree plant, and they are different because of the way the leaves are processed, no wonder green tea is also great to “move things along in your system”. Popular green tea for digestion includes the Yum Cha fans favourite Green tea with Jasmine.

Pu-erh – Pu-erh is another tea that’s been touted for its superb digestive property. Pu-erh is sometimes called “Vintage tea” as the tea is stored for years, decades or even centuries to reach its optimal flavour. It is like an aged wine in every sense, including the price tag! Pu-erh “de-glues” your system after eating stews, steaks or dishes with thick brown sauce. Its earth taste rounds off these dishes without sinking your stomach to the floor! Try game meat such as duck with Pu-erh.

Herbs – there is a huge range of herbs great for digestion, here are a few:

Lemongrass: The zingy taste of lemongrass is fantastic to go with white fish or fish curry. It helps digestion and reducing your fishy breath afterwards too!

Try Lemony Trio, Weight Smart
Peppermint: it helps to settle the stomach and keep flatulence at bay.
Try Digestive Ease, After Dinner
Lemon Balm: Helps ingestion and gas to settle.
Try Lemony Trio
Hibiscus / Rosella: This funky looking herb makes a vivid ruby colour infusion that is quite tart. It is a nice cool drink to go with those naughty desserts!
Try Hibiscus, Moulin Rouge
And of course our new Gaba tea is worth mentioning! Gaba Body & Mind tea is an all natural organic tea made by fermenting fresh green tea leaves using nitrogen instead of the usual oxygen in a highly controlled environment. GABA, short for aminobutyric acid, is known for the following health benefits:
• inhibit growth of cancerous cells
• top up our antioxidant intake
• stabilize the human cell
• lower blood lipid
• reduce blood pressure
• sober drunkenness
• stimulate HGH production in the body. HGH is known for its powerful muscle building properties and promotion of fat loss.

GABA Body and Mind Oolong

GABA Body and Mind Oolong

Gaba Body & Mind Tea is also known as GABARON tea in Japan and is very popular there. In Chinese it is called “JinBaiLong Tea”. GABA tea looks like oolong and tastes like a light black tea.
Writer: teas.com.au


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