Q: Do you sell 8 Treasure Tea?

A: Thank you for your email. We don’t sell Eight Treasure Tea but have some of the ingredients sold singly.

Eight Treasure Tea (Ba Bao Cha) is a blend of Chinese Red Dates (Jujube) *, Wolfberries (=Goji Berries)*, Dried Logans (a brown skin fruit similar to Lychee)*, Chrysanthemum*, Rock Sugar*, Dried Lily Buds, Jasmine Tea and Mai Dong (a herb for cooling the system). This combination produces a mildly sweet tea brew, is believed to reduce cholesterol, aid digestion and blood circulation and strengthen the body’s immune system in Chinese folk medicine.

*There are a few variations of Ba Bao Cha around, * indicates the typical ingredients found in this tea.
This email was sent to us on 20 February 2007, answered 21 February 2008.


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