Looking for some relaxing tea to wind down with? Here are 10 of our most popular tea and herbal tisanes to relax, chill, soothe and perhaps even taking you to sleep!

Before we start with suggestions on relaxing / sleep tea, we need to first establish that some people are sensitive to caffeine, and some don’t.
*So stay away from anything with conventional tea if caffeine causes sleeplessness.

And here are our 10 most popular calming / relaxing tea (or herbal blends)

  1. Organic Chamomile
  2. Red Rose Buds
  3. Green tea with Jasmine (green tea blend)*
  4. Snooze Field of Dreams (herbal)
  5. Organic Rooibos Rose
  6. Oolong (Wulong blend)
  7. *Chamomile Delight (herbal)
  8. Relax (herbal) Serenity (herbal)
  9. Lilac (black tea blend)
  10. *Sunday Breakfast (black tea blend)*

* contains tea = contains caffeine

Writer: teas.com.au


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