Hi I’m Peter. I will be sharing with you my trip to Sri Lanka. It was my first time to Sri Lanka and because of the recent war and tsunami that we’ve all heard about on the news, I was a little scared as to what to expect.

And what I got was…   (dramatic pause)   …was an amazing trip filled with tea, tea and more tea. I love tea. After 8 years in the business, tea has become a part of my life. More than just a job or hobby, it is one of the reasons why I get up in the morning and why I decided to take lots of pictures and share them with you all. You could say that the Peter who left Sydney to go to Sri Lanka is different to the one that came back (For the better).
Now I have to admit that before I went to Sri Lanka, I was ignorant of the place and the most I could find in any shape or form was mostly about India.

Sri Lanka is not India. It’s a small beautiful island nation about the size of Victoria, Australia and shaped like an avocado. Columbo (pop.1.5m approx.) is on the west coast with the central high country being where you’d expect the avocado nut to be. Sri Lanka in total has about 20m people, with most living in the countryside.Now before I go on, I wish to stress that while I’m writing mostly about tea, I will also be mentioning stuff about Sri Lanka. Since getting back I have been getting a lot of questions like:
What is Sri Lanka like?

Is it safe to go there?
What do we do when we get there or what’s there to see?
Or, what’s the food like?
To which I can answer simply:
Sri Lanka is a beautiful country that runs on its own time.
It is an amazingly safe country. Safer than any first world country I’ve been to.
If you love black tea and wish to go to a place that hasn’t been spoiled by modern tourism just yet, I say go now before the tour comes.
The food is very simliar to Indian but without the overpowering in your face spice loading. Sri Lankan food has influences from Arabia, Portugal, Thailand and Britain.
So that’s just a brief overview of where I’ve been. In my next blog, I will start my story at the beginning: The Gateway Hotel.


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