What is Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha has taken the world by storm! It has the reputation as the energy powerhouse, the essence for solemn tea ceremony, as well as the perfect ingredient to “easternise” Kit Kat!

Whether you want more zen or more power in life, Matcha seems to be the answer.

BUT, what is Matcha? And that’s what we are here to share with you.

Matcha is the premium green tea powder made from tea leaves grown under shade and carefully deveined. Perfect to use in tea-inspired cooking.

Matcha is said as the anti-oxidant powerhouse. A cup a day makes your day brighter ?

In this video, we show you how to make Matcha in the traditional way with a bamboo whisk, chasen, as well as a quick green tea milk tea.

This is not in anyway the Japanese tea ceremony. But we are simply using the traditional Japanese Chasen bamboo whisk to make a nice matcha green tea beverage.

This article is part of the “Explore Matcha” mini series. It is designed to give you short and sweet dose of tea info.

Explore Matcha series covers –

  • What is Matcha
  • Matcha, Traditionally
  • Matcha Recipes (kitkat, tiramisu and more)
  • Let’s Go Matcha Crazy

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