Summer: Cool Off With Tea

Steamy summer is lively, and free.

It’s beach time, vacation time, and playtime!

The best teas for summer are exotic, tropical, and cooling.  Floral and fruity blends, chilling mints, and flavored green and black teas.

Keep it light!  Make up some iced tea and take it to the beach or family reunion.


Sail Away with Tea

Hula GIrl can be bought at

Get an instant vacating feel with Hula Girl.

For a taste of Hawaii, brew up some “Hula Girl” green tea.

Its great warm or iced.

“Hula Girl” is a slightly spicy, coconut and lime flavored treat.

There are a lot of teas that give you an instant vacation mode feeling.

“Pina Colada” is another tropical treasure.


Mirage Tea is available at

Add this tea to your summer barbecue marinades.

Spice up Your Barbecue

In addition to being outstanding cooling beverages, many teas make sensational flavoring ingredients for marinades.

Be the first person in your circle to infuse your favorite barbecue dish with an exciting new taste.

Try using adding one teaspoonful of “Mirage” tea blend to your next teriyaki style marinade.


Cool Kids with Tea

Buy Flamingo Tea at

Flamingo Tea

Combine a berry flavored tea with juice in your favorite ice pop recipe.

Flamingo is a strawberry fruit blend with tasty elderberry and goji berry which can be made into pink ice pops or slushies.

This brewing this twice the tea leaves recommended for hot tea, then add lots of ice.

Children love its sweet tart goodness.


Expecting Mom tea leaves can be bought from

Expecting Mom contains peppermint that help cool the body.

Enjoy a Comfortable Pregnancy despite Summer Heat

Being pregnant on hot steamy days can be challenging.

Drink cooling teas which contain peppermint.

“Expecting Mom” is a delicious tea which supports the health of both mom and baby.

The herbs in Expecting Mom have been traditionally used to relieve morning sickness, enhance comfort, and prepare the body for childbirth.


Tea: Your Favorite Adult Beverage blends Sundance Tea

Your punch bowl will be become even more awesome with Sundance.

Make a fresh punch for adults using in-season fruits, tea, and your favorite spirits.

When making ice cubes for your punch, place a berry or piece of fruit in each ice cube tray compartment. Instead of adding water, make your ice cubes out of tea.

Your punch will look spectacular and will not get watered down.

“Sundance” is a terrific choice for a fruit punch. It is a beautiful mix of summer fruit, berries, and petals combined with premium black tea.


Use Tea for Cooling First Aid

Buy Organic Peppermint from

Peppermint can soothe an insect bite.

Make up a strong bath of black or peppermint tea.

Pour it into ice cube trays.

Bring these with you to your outdoor activites.

When someone gets an insect bite or a bump while playing, wrap the cubes up in a soft cloth and apply it to the injury for rapid, relief.


Chamomile Bliss can be bought from

The scent of Chamomile Bliss helps relax.

Another use of tea for first aid is keeping chamomile tea on hand to give tepid baths to overheated children who are fussy and cannot sleep.

Simply brew up four cups of tea.

Place it in a tub. Add lukewarm or cool water. Place the child in the tub. Watch the child relax.

Tea is great any time of the year.


Be adventurous this summer and try using tea in ways that you have never thought of before.

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